Who are we, and what do we do?

—The Izard County Master Gardeners are volunteers of the University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service.
—The  organization is to increase availability of horticultural information and improve quality of life for the residents of Izard County with horticultural projects.


       History of the Master Gardeners


- Started in Washington 1972 – to help Extension Office handle questions from "urban" farmers. Conceived as a trained group of volunteer gardeners.

- Started in Arkansas 1988 with 4 counties - Now in over half of AR's 75 counties.

- 3116 Arkansas members as of 2011.

- Reported working and learning hours for 2011 – 164,925.

- Started in Izard County in 2000 with 7 newly trained members; 2 are still active.

- Currently 15 members manage 7 garden projects around the county.




- The University of Arkansas Master Gardeners sponsor events that

  support youth gardening, plant therapy.


- Work with hospitals and nursing homes, city beautification and

  horticulture information

—- Over 20 other county and regional horticultural fairs and shows are
  coordinated annually by Master Gardeners with great success.   

                                         Training and Certification


To become a Master Gardener requires:

- 40 hours of training provided by the University of Arkansas.

- 40 hours of working and 20 hours of learning are required as pay

  back for training in the first year.

- 20 hours of working and 20 of learning are required to recertify

  each year. 

              Our members exceed these requirements each year!


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